‘Freya’ by Michael James Talbot. Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Freya by Michael James Talbot
‘Freya’ by Michael James Talbot.

In simple terms ‘Freya’ is beauty in balance.

Michael says “I have always been fascinated in mythology, tales of old and the strength of women.  Freya was the most beautiful of the Nordic Goddesses, influencing love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic.”

“I have been working on many projects recently, with London’s Royal Ballet and No Fit State Circus – working with and recording some of the most talented performing artists in the world.  My inspiration for the form of Freya came from my recent work with Circus performers, in particular watching mesmerising tightrope walking. My intention was to try to capture that breathless moment of tension in the performance, when the artist’s balance is seemingly about to be lost, creating an element of chaos, then the recovery; poise recaptured in a moment of grace. Freya is my attempt to hold this illusive moment in a column of timeless patinated bronze.”

‘Freya’ and other Talbot sculptures are available from Calken Gallery’s shop page

‘Freya’ by Michael James Talbot