After a period of focusing on creating purely abstract paintings, Edo felt the need to incorporate further aspects of realism into his paintings.This new approach slowly developed into the style of painting Edo is known for today.

His current works are a combination of realism and mysticism, brought together by his abstract play of colours and palette strokes.

Inspired by the female face, Edo combines traditional portraiture with thick paint and abstract textures which effortlessly integrate with his figurative subject.

‘When I was about 10 years old my parents bought a work from Karel Appel. His abstract art fascinated me because his seemingly random textures of paint allowed you to make your own image. Like my grandfather showed me that you don’t have to paint the sun yellow, Karel Appel’s work showed me it doesn’t have to be round either.’

Edo has paintings in private collections around the world including Malaysia, South Africa, Russia and the United States. We are therefore delighted that he will be exhibiting with us at Calken Gallery in London for his British debut exhibition.