The creation of the bronze sculpture ‘Cortigiana’ by Michael James Talbot

Michael James Talbot creating Cortigiana
Michael James Talbot creating the original clay model of ‘Cortigiana’

Bronze sculptor Michael James Talbot has long been fascinated with, and created many sculptures, that incorporate classical drapery. He used to carefully study the play of different materials and meticulously recreate every aspect of the weight, tension and hang of the material in his sculpture and often agonised over how to sculpt the edge of a drape where a foot protruded from beneath, trying to balance realism with the aesthetic of the piece. Both his ‘Emergent Collection’ and his Venetian sculptures, such as ‘Beckoning’ and ‘Corsair’ reflect his interest, and in the short video below you can hear him talking during the creation of ‘Cortigiana’

Michael originally started by creating clay model, working with a live model in Calken Gallery in Kensington, London. Passers by and his collectors alike, were fascinated to watch this initial creative process. He then continued to refine the piece in his studios in the Peak District, until he was content enough for it to be cast in bronze.

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